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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."— Hippocrates, The Father of medicine

About Beth McCarthy

As a Certified Natural Chef and graduate of the prestigious Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, I’m delighted to share my love of nourishing food with you. I’m especially passionate about “food as medicine” and how food can strengthen, protect, reverse disease, increase vitality, slow aging, optimize health, and create joyful wellness.

As your Personal Chef and wellness partner, together, we’ll create healthy new eating and lifestyle choices that nourish every aspect of your life!

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Client Raves

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Our family starting working with Beth over three years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Beth is so knowledgeable and talented. She has helped us use food as medicine, creating beautiful, delicious meals that support our health goals.

Having Beth create our weekly meals has taken such a burden off my shoulders. I love knowing that my family is eating healthful meals. And the best part is I don’t have to make them! The food she prepares is packed with high- quality, organic ingredients, and you can taste the love Beth puts into each dish. I never dreamed we would have a Personal Chef, but now I don’t know what we would do without her, such a blessing!

Beth N, Busy Professional
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I played 12 years in the NFL and when I went to the Broncos for my final season I was blessed to meet Beth. She helped to make my final season at 35 years of age a success. Not only was her food fresh, healthy, organic, and clean but most importantly she made it all taste great. On top of it all she is a beautiful soul who repeatedly went out of her way to make sure I had everything I wanted and needed. All of my requests were beyond met. I’m forever grateful for Chef Beth. My only regret was not having her my entire career.

Demar D, Denver Broncos Offensive Lineman
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I highly recommend Chef Beth. Utilizing her expertise, I was able to lose close to 20 pounds and eliminate the need for blood pressure medication. She has been feeding our family for several years, and we are truly grateful. The food is amazing, and we consider her part of our family. Thank you Chef Beth !

Kurt N
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Truly...that is exactly what Beth McCarthy did for myself and for our family.  She improved our life.
As a mom and full time Realtor in a very busy town, I made the leap of hiring my first personal chef service.  Beth accommodated our desire to eat well, while taking all of the menu planning, grocery shopping and meal prep time off my already overflowing schedule. From the moment of our first meeting, I was hooked on her beautiful, healthful food, made with tremendous love.

I cannot recommend Beth enough to anyone in need of specific dietary and lifestyle support as she is a magician with food and wellness.

Beth M
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Beth created some of the tastiest, healthiest, freshest, and most beautiful dishes. The weekly menus were well thought out and met my goal of wanting to be able to feed my family delicious and nutritious meals without having to do any of the work. Beth is well versed in all different types of cuisine, which ensured that entree offerings were never boring or bland. The food tasted great, looked fantastic, and was very healthy. It was a quadruple win; one of the smartest decisions I ever made for myself and my family during a very busy time in my career. Thank you Beth! We appreciate you.

Lisa R
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If you find yourself in a health crisis, or better yet if you just want to feed your body what it really needs for optimal health, I would encourage you to contact Beth. She is passionate about healthy, delicious food. Once you meet her, talk to her, and taste her savory meals you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lisa T
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The joy of working with Beth is that she is a passionate food-as-medicine chef and educator. After culinary coaching and cooking session, she left us with recipes, detailed information on the health benefits of each meal that we made together, and pictures of what unprocessed, organic, non-GMO brands to buy at the store. After several months of working with Beth, my daughter is off of blood pressure medication, has more energy, has lost weight, and genuinely desires to eat healthy. We are grateful for Beth’s knowledge and friendship, and thank her for bringing the joy of healthy cooking and eating and living to our family.

Liz P. Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group
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